Optical Engine

LCOS microdisplay solutions for pico-projector, embedded projector in different applications (cell phone and camcorder), communication, toy projector, and head-mounted-display

1.Genneral Description

The SO-H294HM-LV is an active matrix liquid crystal display with resolutions of 800×480×RGB dots,which is ideal for portable and industrial applications.Horizontal digital data drivers and vertical scan drivers are integrated with single crystal pixel transistors meet the performance demands of light weight, high speed and high resolution applications.

The SO-H294HM-LV receives SDR (Single Data Rate; 8-bits x RGB dot) of digital display data per clock or DDR (Double Data rate; 12-bit data) of digital data per clock positive-edge and negative-edge, and generates corresponding voltage output of 256-level gray scales.


  • LCOS color filter panel with resolution 800×480×3
  • Support display mode:800×480 input source
  • Support frame rate of Video-Mode:120HZ
  • Support input interface:SDR(RGB888 every clock)and DDR(Double Data rate;12-bit data every clock positive-edge and negatice-edge)
  • Support two-wired serial interface for internal register setting
  • No spacers in the display area
  • Inergrated horizontal data and vertical scan drivers
  • Horizontal and vertical bi-directional scanning
  • Embedded with DE mode timing controller
  • Capable of displaying 256-level gray scales by 12×3(RGB separately) internal γ reference voltages
  • Embedded with programmable gamma reference voltages
  • Embedded with timing controller
  • Operation powers:Analog power(10.0v)and digital power(1.8v)
  • Module pin numbier=39

3.Reference data

Dimensions(L*W*H)41.16*17.3*9.8 mm
Active area diagonal 0.294" lnch
Active area dimensions 6.4×3.84 mm
Native aspect ratio15:9 -
Display resolution800×400×3 Pixel
Pixel pitch8.0×8.0 μm
Pixel configurationDelta RGB -
Gray level256 -
Typical contrast ratio @F/2.5200 -
Typical reflectance(Luminance,Y)13.5%
Optical modeReflective -
Liquid crystal typeTwist nomadic Mode -
Operation modeNormally white -
Response time(TR+TF)15ms